Hello there. I'm Kathryn. 

I used to feel lost and confused about who I was and what I wanted for my life.

I was a totally addicted approval seeker,

always comparing myself to others,

and trying to be someone I was not.

Thankfully working alongside a life coach 

helped me discover the light!

Now I know myself. I know my worth.

And I'm loving being the woman

I was created to be.

I'd love the same for you too!

I invite you to come in and discover this world of coaching.

Here you'll have permission to explore the real you with no judgement.

You'll discover the gift of new perspective.

You'll get to question safety.

Bring clarity to confusion.

Your eyes will open to see more clearly what your heart truly desires.

It's a world of courage, strength, hope and victory. 





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Discovery Session

Not sure what life coaching is or if this is the kind of help you are looking for? 

I wasn't sure either, so I invite you to give it a go with no strings attached.

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What you get: Free 1-on-1 coaching 1 hour. You'll get a coaching session, not a sales pitch.

You get to find out if you want more. Obligation free. Yes, thats right, this one's free!

(Available in person / phone / Skype)


Bespoke coaching Packages

Loved your free discovery session?

Then I encourage you to continue your journey towards your best YOU with a tailor made package just for you.

Variable bespoke packages: 3 weeks / 6 weeks / 9 weeks

- Once a month maintenance sessions -

Tailored uniquely for you. It's all about You! 

You lead while I help to navigate to get you to where you'd like to be in your life.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have during your free discovery session.




From the book shelf




An inspiring short story - a metaphor for your life's journey.

A delightful tale of a little eagle who has no idea that he is an eagle. 

He starts to experience a longing in his heart that he can’t quite put into words... 

A desire to do "eagle" things...yet he has no idea that this is exactly who he is and what he has been created for. 

What will he do?... 

What will you do when you discover your true identity and the truth about what you have been uniquely created for? 

It's time. Your True Self, your Soul, is calling you. 

It's time to fully express yourself in the world, to be your most wonderful self, to offer this gift to those around you and to experience joy and exhilaration by living out your calling.

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Updated edition January 2019



Discover how to live the life you have been designed to live. 

Many of us feel stuck and have no idea how to life the life we are designed for.

We've lived for others or to please others and have lost ourselves along the way. 

Maybe you do know your passion and hearts desire, yet for whatever reason you struggle to actually live it out. 

You feel like something is holding you back. You feel stuck.

This webinar series takes you from confused and stuck to opening your heart and realising your passion.

It gives you action steps to get you unstuck.

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"I was initially worried whether coaching was for me, but how wrong I was! Once you work with Kathryn you undercover things in your life which are holding you back from your full potential. Working with Kathryn is like breathing a new life. There's a new found confidence and assurance with my own feelings and mind thanks to Kathryn's gentle, down to earth and kind coaching style. Kathryn made me feel like I was chatting to a close friend and always made me feel comfortable. She offered insights and no judgement and clever tools for me to implement easily. I will recommend Kathryn to all my friends, she is a gem who you won't want to let go of! "


Teegan, Creative Designer

Naomi, General Practitioner


"It took me awhile to get the courage up to contact Kathryn in regards to coaching. Not only I was unsure about the details of coaching but I was also unsure about what Kathryn could offer. After a few sessions with Kathryn I was able to become clearer in my direction. She is not only warm but also very intelligent.  Having been through coaching, I now feel that it something which a lot of people could benefit from and I have therefore referred a lot of my close family and friends to Kathryn."


“I consider myself reasonably well-read in self-assessment and self-help techniques however working with someone like Kathryn helped me bring a clarity to my state of mind and path forward that I never could have achieved alone. Kathryn is highly intelligent and brings the right balance of empathy and analysis to each coaching session. The sessions themselves are enlightening but if you are willing to put in a bit of effort in between sessions, you will see terrific results. For those considering Kathryn’s services, it’s a pretty small price to pay for such an important investment in yourself."​



Ilan, Entrepreneur



"Kathryn has helped me gain a clearer direction for my future and has allowed me to understand that my direction in life is my choice. I feel like I have been given the tools to make my life happier and take control of the things in life that were holding me back. It wasn't easy to seek help and admit that I had been struggling to manage but I am glad that I reached out for help from someone who used to be in a similar situation. I feel more hopeful about the future and look forward to being more like myself again. Thanks for all of your positive encouragement Kathryn!"


Natalie, Occupational Therapist


“If I was to sum up how I have benefited the most through Fulfilled Life Coaching I would have to say it is as if I had been driving down a dark road with my headlights off and not sure where I’m going for as long as I can remember. Now after realisation, reflection and planning my headlights are on, I can see the guide posts and warning signs ahead, know where I’m going and know how to get there.  

The journey along this now well-lit road has just begun but I look forward to the challenges and changes ahead, so thank you Kathryn, not just for the systematic approach and the insight you have given me into my rather messy way of living but for also having a genuine commitment towards me walking away with a vision and a plan for a better future”.

Roy King, Father/Husband/Business Owner/

                     Pupil of life 

The world has become a competitive environment to live life and be happy, but interesting how the simplest of self-sabotaging thoughts and life events can make the task all that more unnecessarily difficult. I considered myself knowledgeable and experienced enough to work through the self-awareness tasks and sort my own blocks & hurdles to some goals I had set. It was only until I decided to get some help, did I realize how important it was to work with someone who has the qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills to re-calibrate my values and where I want to be, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. The thing that first attracted me to Kathryn and Fulfilled Life Coaching was that Kathryn is also a qualified medical professional (GP), and after meeting her for the first time, her professional experience, warmth and compassion was evident, I immediately felt confident and comfortable to share my experiences and plans for my future. Her approach of questioning self-discovery, underpinned by her professionally attained knowledge, experience and compassion is enlightenment, I recommend for anyone

David, Data Analyst




Hi, I'm Kathryn Wiseman

My journey through transition

To keep things short and sweet, I'll start my story here.

The year 2001 is almost over. I live in South Africa, I am 26 years old and I am happily married. I have a beautiful two year old son, and am pregnant with my second son. I am just a few years out of university with a medical degree and have started my career as a general practitioner. We are just about to move for the first time as our little family unit from Pretoria to Pietermaritzburg. It's a six hour move.


It's now 2016. 14 years on and we have moved another five times since. One being the "BIG" move to Australia. I have also changed careers four times since then. Suffice to say, I am not new to change. In fact, transition is inevitable! Will we move again? Probably. (Hopefully not too soon this time). Will I change careers again? Who knows? If you ask me today, I hope to answer "no", because for the first time I really feel that this is what I've been put on this earth for.


What I can say, is that transition comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. An when you really look at things, you realise you are in some sort of transition more often than not. With transition comes transformation, and you are the author of it all! You can choose to transition with grace, joy, curiosity and peace, or you can choose to do it tough. Which have you chosen?

You may be thinking:

"Hell, I didn't choose this and THIS IS TOUGH!!!"

"Where I am now is not where I desire to be. Something has to change. I'm just not sure what."

"I'm in the middle of transition and I don't want to be here."

If this is you, then click on the button below to schedule a free chat. Once we've connected, we can decide if we are a right match for your journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

x Kathryn




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