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How to be happy when you live so far away from the people you love.

Only 3 more sleeps till I fly back to my home country of South Africa, to where most of my family and extended family still live. I am so excited and can't wait to board that plane! We have lived in Australia for just over 8 years now....a fact that I still can't seem to wrap my thoughts around! (It only takes a glimpse at photos of my boys during those first weeks here to confirm this lapse in time.) So, how do we go about 'living-so-far-away-from-those-we-love' while still staying happy? Is there any way to do it well? It certainly is not always easy, even when you know it is by your own choice that you live where you do. There is a quote I love by William Shakespeare that goes like this:

You are beautiful

On a scale of 1-10, (1 being and 10 being absolutely): 1) How well do you love yourself? 2) Do you see your beauty? 3) Do you feel you are enough? I can tell you with massive certainty that you are in the majority of women reading this if your answers to the above questions are a 5 or under. If they are 6 or higher, then girl-friend, I salute you!!! That's fabulous!!! Keep it up and continue to shine, to inspire and to share the love!!!! It is staggering how few of us women actually believe we are enough. Even fewer see ourselves as beautiful and we tend to be our biggest critics and to love ourselves not-so-much. Why is this I ask? I am really curious about this awful myth

Being me. I don't need to be you.

When completing the sentence "I am a ..............", many of us will be able to fill in a number of things in the blank space. For example, here are a few of my own: I am a wife and mother. I am an entrepeneur. I am a lover of life. I am a runner. Ok, stop right there!! ..... Most of you reading this now will, whether you are aware or not, already have formed some sort of an opinion about me based on my list. However, this list really doesn't tell you much about me at all. Lets look at the last one: "I am a runner". Well, what does that actually look like? Does this look fit and healthy? Does it look crazy? Does it look boastful? The funny thing is, this is one of the things that I won't us

Welcome to my new Webpage

Hello there! It has been a long while since my last blog, so it feels really good to be connecting with you again. A lot has changed in this last month, and today I am excited to share some of these changes with you. (I will keep it short and sweet.) I have been attending an exciting new entrepreneurs course and am finding out that I have a lot more to learn! In fact, I am right at the VERY beginning. My business moslty focusses around coaching other women like you and me through big life changes, and this business is a big life change for me too. So this journey I am on gives me ample opportunity to intentionally practice what I preach in my coaching business... It goes something like this.

Living your dream

I was out shopping this morning for a gift for a friend when I came across this beautiful piece of jewellery and engraved on it were the following words: "Don't dream your life, your dream". Well, this got me thinking.... and I found myself asking "Is this really what I believe?" Is it possible to not only have these big dreams in my heart, but is it actually possible to live out these dreams?" I am delighted to say that I honeslty am one hundred percent certain that it is possible. Why do I so completely know this? Well, it's because I am proof to myself that I am at last stepping into my dreams! Finally I have come to the realisation that yes, God designed me to be uniquely me, an

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