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When overwhelm trips you up.

Meet your overwhelm expert. Yes, I raise my hand...that's me! If there is one thing I have been really good at over my lifetime, it is diving head first into overwhelm. Now in the coaching space my coach would ask questions like: "How would you like it to be?" and "How is it actually working for you to play the "overwhelm" card?" (Ouch). So to answer question 1: I would like to not feel overwhelmed. I would like to stop madly running (often in circles) and I'd like to rather take a purposeful stroll or an intentional dance through each season in my life. Now to answer question 2: ...mmm "How does it work FOR me, this thing called overwhelm?" I realise that by choosing to play the "overwh

Feeling discouraged? Undervalued?Insignificant?

Have you ever worked really hard at something yet no one notices and no one appreciates your efforts? Do you find yourself doing day by day chores that without a doubt need doing, yet again, no one notices and no one appreciates? Have you ever mumbled these words to yourself? "Why do I even bother? Will anyone ever notice?" Maybe you have great ideas that you feel will impact lives, you act on your ideas, you step up, yet no one notices. This leaves you feeling discouraged and just a little bit insignificant.... Well dear friend, you are not alone. Today I want to encourage you with this beautiful story. You've probably heard it or a similar one before. Still, it is a great story. Enjoy!

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