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A new season

Rain A pouring ocean Drenches everything A new beginning Jacqueline Rodrigues For my Townsville local readers....hasn't this rain been just fabulous after such a dry season? It refreshes the air, the ground and our souls. I just love how it brings complete transformation as the ground turns from brown to green. The atmosphere seems to buzz after rains like these. Everywhere I go I am aware of the laughter and joyfulness it seems to bring. A friend was just telling me yesterday how she had to run outside to take a selfie in the rain. So, just as there are seasons in nature, there are also seasons through life too. In my research around listening to your heart and discovering your purpose, I

What is the one thing you can do that WILL make you happy?

So last week we received some bad news about an unexpected medical emergency in our family. This has meant my husband flying to England at short notice for a while. The snowball effect has meant that my next two weeks are not what I was expecting. My parents are flying in for a visit and we have a LONG road trip planned from Townsville to Bundaberg to watch our boys row.... All this is now happening without hubby. This whole ordeal, the bad news and the package it brings, has left me feeling a bit down and anxious, and if I am honest, rather cranky. I was noticing my grumpiness which got me thinking.... then remembered that I have heard many times before how it is impossible to be disconte

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