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8 steps to take during December to assure your best year ever in 2017.

Can it be that how you decide to spend some time in December can have such a big impact on your whole next year ahead? YES IT CAN!! Well if this is the case, I'm sure that you, like me, would like to know about this! When I think back over my previous years of Decembers I can honestly say that these next steps were not at the forefront of my mind! So I am really excited about implementing these and watching the outcome. Why don't you join me? These steps come from an article I recently read by author, blogger and speaker, Michael Hyatt. This article really caught my attention because he had recently interviewed a number if highly successful people that I already know of and admire (like Jo

5 steps to pursue your passion with purpose.

Do you sometimes feel like you will need to scale an almost impossible cliff to get to where you really desire to be? Don't fear! You are not alone! It has been said before that doing something of substantial value and purpose will require a sacrifice of sorts. I recently scaled one of my own cliff faces while going through the process of publishing my book, 'Hiding in the Shade'. I was recently asked to share this experience with a group of entrepreneurs and to give them some take away steps to action in pursuing their passion with purpose. So what do I mean by 'passion'? This can be any form of desire or goal that you have for your life whether for the benefit of yourself, your family, you

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