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7 fun resolutions to start 2017 with a smile! (and take less than 10 minutes)

Whether you are a "New Years Resolution" kinda person or not, these 7 fun ones are quick and easy... but don't be duped... they have the potential to go a long way in making 2017 all the sweeter! Give them a go! You have nothing to lose! 1. Journal 5 things you are grateful for Anyone following my blog posts will notice that this one has been a kind of theme for 2016. So, if you have not already embraced this one! Now is as good a time as any to start. In fact, even doing this just once a week has proven benefits. 2. Laugh more, sing more Both laughing and singing have been shown to reduce stress and improve mood... so when you're feeling down, turn up the volume to your favourite tunes

7 FUN resolutions to start 2017 with a smile. (and only take 10 minutes or less)

People either seem to love making 'New Years Resolutions' or they don't. People seem to be strongly either for them or against them. So what is in a resolution anyway? Definition by Google says: "a firm decision to do or not to do something". I am a fan of resolutions as they are usually about intentionally setting out to improve one's self... which is after all a life long affair. I'm just not so sure about the "New Years" bit seeing as one can resolve to improve on something on any day of the year you choose! Anyhow, the beginning of a new year does somehow feel like a new clean sheet of paper to start afresh. So, if you were to choose a resolution or two, what would yours be? The usual on

When things don't go as planned.

We all have long and busy lists of 'to do's' as we get ready for Christmas. Mine look like this: assignments to complete, business to plan, clients to follow up with, presents to buy and letters to write. I love this, the feeling of being busy doing the things I love. I love my business. I love progress and growth and a sense of having accomplished goals. Yet I've once again needed to shift and juggle my calendar, to set aside my agenda for one of my kids. This is of course a joy and an honour and what I happily choose to do..... with reason. This is how it turned out. On Monday I drove a 5 hour journey to watch my son play in a cricket competition. The competition is five days long and I ha

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