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Time to declutter? It's a questionable art!

CLUTTER!!! We all deal with it in some form every day. Whether in our homes or office, our email inboxes or our Facebook notifications. There always seems to be so much clutter to sort through to get to the useful stuff. The necessary and important stuff.... And if you are a mum of small kids, you'll find your handbag on it's own can quickly become a minefield of your kids clutter! This photo was taken last week. If I were to label it, it would be called "Clutter"! This is how my study looked just after moving into our new home a week ago. In fact, every room had a similar look. Everywhere I looked I saw stuff. Clutter. "How did this happen?" I ask. How did we come to accumulate so much s

One simple habit that will change your life. Your magic hour.

We hear a lot about how to manage our time better, to be more productive, to vision map, to plan and schedule, to include exercise and healthy meal plans into each day, and the list goes on. Quite simply, we hear a lot about how to become more efficient at getting more done. Since embarking on this bumpy journey called entrepreneurship, it felt to me like that dial was turned up yet another notch. Learning to navigate through the treacherous seas of all things networking, marketing, branding and social media kept me on the edge and running for many days and many nights too. Let me rewind about 12 months. I'm a mum, a wife, a new business owner and THE home manager in our house... and I'm a

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