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Reduce everyday stress by deleting these three habits

Life is busy. Every day! You go, go, go... there is always something to do, and when you do find yourself with a rare little gem of free time, it seems to somehow get gobbled up with more stuff to do! I know! We all fight this battle of not having enough time for all that needs to get done! So, thank you for giving one of your precious gems of time to stop by to read this blog post. (You'll be glad you did once you action this and delete these three habits from your week!). A few weeks ago I became consciously aware that the last thing I was doing before going to bed at night was checking my phone. This bugged me. I didn't like that I was doing this. And then I became aware that first thi

How well do you love yourself?

Today I'd love to share some wise words about a love that's often ignored. A love of a different kind. SELF LOVE. Self love was a difficult one for me. Somewhere along the line my brain got confused with the difference between self love and arrogance. When someone spoke about self love it would feel as though my insides would squirm uncomfortably. Then that L'Oréal ad came out telling us that "we can" because "we are worth it". This had me squirming again because I used to think... how can I be worth it and someone else not?!?! ...enter Life Coaching... and my world was turned upside down! I realised just how unhealthy my thoughts about myself were! Not that I now think I'm "worth it" m

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