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In the midst of chaos, she finds a new kind of calm.

For everyone living along the east coast of Queensland Australia this week it’s been chaotic!! Cyclone Debbie announced herself and we all braced for her impact. She gave all she could causing a magnificent share of mayhem and devastation in the lives of so many of us this week. Some where impacted far more dramatically than others, and I am all too aware that I get to write this today as one of the lucky ones. This is how Tuesday 28 March 2017 played out for us: Plans did not work out as expected. Businesses closed. Deadlines were not met. Schools closed. Exams were not written. Life seemed to kinda stop. Just like that, everything came to a grinding halt. And if you are anything like me,

What to do when you're having one of "those" days

You know 'those' days... when you wake up and just feel flat. We all have them... so I know you know what I mean. Right? You meet your friend for your morning run and it feels like you have lead in your shoes. You look at the items on your to-do list for today and nothing on it inspires you this day. You have a work document or letter to write... usually this is easy for you, yet today you stare at your screen and the words you write just don't seem to cut it. ... you get which kinda days I'm talking about... What do you do on these days??? Do you write the day off, staying flat all day, trying to do what you feel you should, yet frustrating yourself more as you go... Or... do you do th

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