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Her day as queen

She wakes early on Friday morning with mixed feelings of excitement and nervous apprehension. Today is going to be her big day. Her day as queen. She reflects on the extravagance of this gift she had been given. Beautiful friends have been generous beyond words by gifting her a spectacular book launch evening fit for a queen. She has only just starting to get her head around that fact that she is now a published author! Only the previous week another generous friend had gifted her with her first, smaller launch. This was perfect, because she could start small and gain confidence for this day, her day as queen. At the smaller launch she had met with beautiful women all eager to connect and

Living behind the mask of accomplishment. It's time to come out of the fog.

I woke this morning feeling flat. Again. Does that ever happen to you? For no real rhyme or reason you just feel flat. Then that thought stirs again… “What’s the point of all of this?” “What’s the point of this life?” “Heck, what’s the point of this day even!” And in case you're wondering... No, I’m not clinically depressed! I’m normal. I have ups and downs like everyone else. I am living the life of an entrepreneur who almost daily asks herself “What is this really all about?” It all feels like a fog some days! So back to feeling flat… I start with what I know to do when I feel this way. I pray “Oh Lord, help me through this day today!” I remember to think about all that I’m grateful for

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