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One simple step guaranteed to boost your self worth.

I recently attended a personal development workshop that made me stop and reconsider the truth about my own self worth. I know it has improved in leaps and bounds since my own coaching journey started… yet I know there will always be room for improvement in this space. During this workshop the presenter walked directly over to where I was sitting, and whilst in the process of making her point, she looked me directly in the eye and paid me a compliment about how lovely I looked… in front of everyone in the room. Because she was teaching a concept and making a point, I took on the role of ‘believe-everything-she-says-student’. I held her gaze, smiled and nodded in acceptance of her compliment.

It's time to stop and enjoy your view.

You know the cliche "Life is a Journey"... well, it's one we all easily relate to. It helps us to figure stuff out and gain some kind of perspective when we imagine our life as a journey. Sometimes we're on an up, sometimes a down. There are times when we feel like we are flying. We are on top of our game, ideas flow, our brains are on fire and we feel awesome about kicking goals and our celebrating achievements. Sometimes we find ourselves cruising... things are peaceful and easy. And then it's as though some invisible force field comes and puts it's foot on the brakes. For some reason we can't seem to fathom, everything s-l-o-w-s right down and we start to fizzle out. Before long we feel

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