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Reframe to see the way God sees

This month we are going to look at another life giving coaching tool : The Reframe To reframe means to shift focus or to shift position in order to gain a different perspective on something. Reframing also goes as far as giving new meaning to a past story . This is useful when you’ve been holding onto a story in your life that pulls you down. Maybe something happened to you in the past and the way you interpreted that circumstance has left you believing a lie about yourself... For example, you failed an exam in senior school, which pulled your whole average down. This meant you could not get into the uni course your heart had been set on and so you believed that your only option was to pick

Decrees vs Matras

What's the difference anyway? Why this is simply useful to know. We often hear people speak about including mantras in their daily rituals these days, and don't hear about decrees much... Secular coach training teaches the proven effectiveness of using mantras as a way to secure a desired state of mind so you can be your best you. During my coaching training I understood the teaching and started to implement my own daily mantras. Yet each time I spoke them, I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit urging me to swap out my mantra for one of His decrees... Let me explain. Lets start by looking at decrees. What does it mean to decree something? According to the Webster 1828 Dictionary, the word de

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