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The truth about your self worth.

I used to squirm in my seat and avoid all eye contact when someone started to talk about self worth. I hoped they wouldn't ask me for my opinion. I had an intangible knowing that mine was low, or not quite where it should be, yet I had no idea how to actually define it or how to improve it. It just was. When I was practicing medicine and had the title of "Dr" in front of my name, my self worth felt neither good nor bad ( let's say 5/10). Then after moving continents and becoming a stay at home mum, my sense of self worth hit an all time low (2/10). If I was in company where I felt liked and accepted, it went up (5/10). If I felt judged it went down.(2/10). In other words... my sense of self

The value of true friendships and why you need them.

We were all around eighteen when we met. So much life still ahead of us. We all had hopes and dreams and stories of how life would turn out. These stories included careers to build, husbands to wed, kids to grow, places to explore and mountains to climb. Yet, I don't think any one of us had any idea just how treasured and life giving this friendship circle would become. Back then we were all at medical school together. As we shared many hours of the day or night walking through hospital corridors together, deep friendships grew. Together we witnessed more than we cared to admit about the deeper side of life. We shared our first experiences of new life birthed, traumas managed (both great and

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