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How to cure your "I'm-not-enough-itis"

There is a current world wide epidemic called “I-am-not-enough-itis”. Ask almost anyone and they’ll confess to having caught this ‘disease’ at some stage. And many of us catch it over and over again... There’s also a huge market out there for helping to treat people for this. From counselling to psychology, coaching to mentoring. Even hypnotherapy!!! I’ve seen a few videos of a celebrity hypnotherapist in the UK who works with people to help them recover form this. She encourages them to speak this affirmation: I am enough. I am enough. I am enough. The hope is (along with her hypnotherapy) that if you speak it enough you’ll eventually learn to believe it, and when you believe it, it will ch

Tips to overcome Townsville's post flood clean up overwhelm.

It's been quite a few days for all residents in Townsville. We've broken all time rain levels, dam levels and flood records... all of which are records a town doesn't really want to break. And now the big clean up has started. For those whose homes were completely inundated to those whose homes are dry, the common theme right now is overwhelm at the extent of the loss and the magnitude of the clean up before us. My family and I have been one of the fortunate ones to still have a dry home, yet watching the flooding that friends and loved ones have endured has been unbearable. We have extended offers to friends to come to stay as well as a helping hand to clean up and after not one 'yes thanks

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