Why are you here?

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

- Mark Twain

I am sure you have asked yourself this question MANY MANY times during your life:

"Why am I here?"

Well you see, the mistake I had been making with this question in the past is this.

I had somehow percieved that my feelings of significance (or lack there of) were literally balancing on this one question: "Why am I here?"

It worked like this:

On days I felt that I had achieved well, I felt significant, and felt an incredible sense of "this is why I am here". I have purpose.

On days I felt I had achieved little or nothing (and yes, we all do have those days!) I felt totally insignificant and felt the sense of "Why am I here? What for? What now? What next?"

Along my own coaching journey I am pleased to say I have kinda made progress in sorting this conundrum out for myself.

You see, I have finally accepted the following revelation and let it sink in:

"I am significant because I breathe".

This literally means that I am significant because I am. The day I was born I became significant.

Without having to do anything but breathe, I was the absolute joy in the heart of my parents.

And that has not changed! Today, as a fully capable adult, if all I do is breathe....I am still totally significant.

You may read this (and just like me when I first heard this), you think to yourself "Yeah, yeah, I get that....well, kind of.... but it doesn't mean a thing! I don't feel it. Actually, I don't think I get it"!

Well, I have been pondering just this over the past eight months. I have prayed, meditated, read many books, dived into the world of personal develpoment, attended courses, webinars, coaching and group sessions, and FINALLY I get it!

I finally came to my "Ah-ha" moment!

In my unique mind it was about separating significance from achievement.

It was about separating significance from feeling I had a purpose because I was 'doing'.

It has been about giving myself permission to just "be" without having to "do" and to still feel significant in being here.

I am here because I am.

God planned for me to be here.



And in just being, I can be love, kindenss, joy, peace, present and alive.

You see, we all have a core need to know we are significant. For some there is a burning desire to know and discover the reason we are here. For others, it's more than they could possibly handle because quite frankly, just getting through the day is hard enough without thinking about such things.

So, without turning this into a formula or telling you what I think YOU need to do, I invite you on your own personal journey of discovery. I will share with you all the knowledge, wisdom and tools I have gathered along the way so that you too can know your significance.

IF you find yourself feeling lost or stuck about why you are here, or caught somewhere striving between being significant and finding purpose, then you are at the right place.

Your journey starts here.

Imagine knowing your significance and knowing your purpose! It is so cool!

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