Feeling discouraged? Undervalued?Insignificant?

Have you ever worked really hard at something yet no one notices and no one appreciates your efforts? Do you find yourself doing day by day chores that without a doubt need doing, yet again, no one notices and no one appreciates? Have you ever mumbled these words to yourself? "Why do I even bother? Will anyone ever notice?" Maybe you have great ideas that you feel will impact lives, you act on your ideas, you step up, yet no one notices. This leaves you feeling discouraged and just a little bit insignificant.... Well dear friend, you are not alone. Today I want to encourage you with this beautiful story. You've probably heard it or a similar one before. Still, it is a great story. Enjoy!

"It is 2007. It's a cold January morning. Joshua Bell enters the Washington metro station in a baseball cap. Disguised as a street performer, the award winning violinist opens his case and starts to play with all his heart.

For 45 minutes, an absolute Master violinist played masterpieces of beauty. The question on the table was, would anyone recognize the elegance? Would anyone stop for the beauty?

Nearly 1,100 people pass by him that morning. Only 27 stop to listen to some of the most elegant music ever written…or played.

The story goes on to tell how Joshua Bell felt about this experiment.

He said, “It was a strange feeling, that people were actually, ah . . . ignoring me.”

{Remember, the man is accustomed to a spellbound, enraptured audience who pays high dollar to hear him.}

He goes on to say, “When you play for ticket-holders, you are already validated. I have no sense that I need to be accepted. I’m already accepted. Here (in the metro), there was this thought: What if they don’t like me? What if they resent my presence . . .”

Mr. Bell left the metro station that morning with a mere $32 in his pocket. Only two days before, he’d played to a sold out theatre where seats averaged $100 each.

Joshua Bell's experiment in the metro shows us that true beauty can be overlooked and undervalued."

Find the full story here.

So you see friend, it happened to Joshua Bell and it has happened in other similar experiments too. I can tell you with certainty that it will also happen to you.. At some stage along your journey you will be overlooked, ignored and undervalued.You will feel discouraged.

GREAT NEWS!!!! The response of others does not determine your value, your beauty, your significance or your worth! When you find yourself in the metro of life, playing your heart out to a crowd that doesn’t care or appreciate what you have to offer, remember your value comes from a source other than the opinions of others.

So, where does your true value come from?

I follow a series of emails by the beautiful Arabah Joy.

She so beautifully answers this question. I have summarised her response here for you.

"You can spend your entire life trying to win the approval of others…Or you can play your music wherever God places you and know you are beautiful. Elegant. Valued. Significant.

......Regardless of the response.......(this can be hard!!!)

You see, the truth is that you are a beautifully created masterpiece! You have been uniquely crafted and designed by God. You have been created to play your heart out to bring glory to Him on the instrument of your life. You have been created to play for Him wherever you find yourself. Whether in heels or sneakers, a Cue dress or jeans, wearing make up or pushing a pram, hosting a conference or cooking dinner, you are validated, you are approved. God sees and you are valued."

So, play girlfriend, play your heart out with your chin lifted high. Play that song that is in your heart....and sing along if you like too :).

xx Kathryn

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