What are seven habits that stop you from living the life you long to live?

Think about it for a minute. What are the things that you long to do...that you have been thinking about on and off for ages...The kind of things about which you catch yourself saying: "I would love to do ......." "I would love to be like ...." "If funds or time or energy were not an issue, i would love to....."

The idea that we will someday do these things is often an illusion because there most often seem to be real and valid reasons why they are out of reach now. When these reasons are no longer there, we seem to find new ones. Well here are 7 habits to STOP today. When you do you'll find your dreams turn into actual realities. 1. Playing it safe - a few years ago I tucked a pile of cards away in a safe place. They were cards with life giving words that others had given me over the years. I had planned to read these over when in need of encouragement or inspiration. The thing is, I hid them so well that I have actually lost them. When we hide our dreams in a 'safe place' for a better time....we are at risk of losing them. 2. Doubting your own dreams - Maybe you dream of losing 10 kilos, or starting a business, going on a dream holiday or writing a book...Or even starting a regular mom's group...Whatever it may be, the first step is to believe it possible. See yourself living it. Own it. Don't doubt it!

3. Dwelling on past failures - I have started and stopped a few careers before this one. I either got bored or didn't enjoy them or just knew that they were not for me. So I resigned, and resigned and again resigned. Soon I felt like a bit of a failure... I can choose to view these as failures, or I can view them as lessons. As part of my journey, my discovery. I will continue to start new things because even if they 'fail', I will have collected treasures along the way.

4. Letting others convince you otherwise - Have you ever had an idea swirling in your mind that you'd love to do...yet others try to convince you otherwise? I love running and my favourite running events are half marathons. I only enter about one a year... but a close friend is always suggesting it's time I stop running and hang my shoes up. She is concerned that when I reach old age my knees will be shattered and my hips will ache....the thing is, running is SO SO good for my mental health and I love it....so I am not about to be convinced otherwise just yet :).

5. Expecting constant bliss/success - life is a journey! A constant journey...and one thing you can be sure of is that there will be ups and there will be downs. My mantra when things are getting me down is to remind myself : "This too shall pass". It is all part of the beautiful tapestry of life. Often the down times teach us new perspective, they teach us perseverance and patience....both beautiful qualities to have.

6. Being over critical of yourself - This is a BIG one! I wonder...If you were able to press the 'print' button on the thoughts you've had about yourself over the last week, what would your print out say? You may just be surprised at how critical you are about YOU. I challenge you over this next week to pay attentionto the thoughts you have about yourself....if they are negative, counter them with a true positive thought about yourself! (more about this coming soon)

7. Giving up too soon - Starting something new is always challenging. There will be time challenges, people challenges and thought challenges...the key here is to keep your end goal in sight. Lets imagine you have decided you would like to run 5km. You are not a runner but the challenge stirs up something in you. You tell yourself WHY you want to do this. You know it will give you more energy, lift your spirits and help shift those niggly kilos that are bugging you. You start out and all goes well. You start walking, then walk/jogging....then less walking, more jogging and it all feels so hard! Your motivation dives because you concentrate on the pain of the run and the fact that you hate sweating. You forget the reasons you are doing this in the first place, so you give up. The thing is...if you can focus on your WHY and keep going, the pain of the run soon becomes your new pleasure!!

So friends...this is a reminder to myself too...lets ditch these seven habits to get closer to living the life we really long to live. xxIf any of this resonates with you then I'd love to hear from you!

x Kathryn

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