A new season


A pouring ocean

Drenches everything

A new beginning

Jacqueline Rodrigues

For my Townsville local readers....hasn't this rain been just fabulous after such a dry season? It refreshes the air, the ground and our souls. I just love how it brings complete transformation as the ground turns from brown to green. The atmosphere seems to buzz after rains like these. Everywhere I go I am aware of the laughter and joyfulness it seems to bring. A friend was just telling me yesterday how she had to run outside to take a selfie in the rain. So, just as there are seasons in nature, there are also seasons through life too. In my research around listening to your heart and discovering your purpose, I have become aware that ones purpose in life is often also a thing of seasons. Some seasons may feel dry, desolate and boring. Some are exciting, joyous and cherished. Others are overwhelming and busy, maybe even uncertain.

Whatever season you find yourself in, know that there is a purpose in each season. If we do not have a purpose in life, we feel useless, worthless and frustrated. So, no matter the season you are in, it is of great value to search for and discover your purpose. If you are not sure what it is, you may need to step out and try a few things. A good place to start is by doing whatever you know to do "on purpose". Here are a few examples: - Love on purpose. Don't love because you feel like it, but because you have made the decision to do so...on purpose. - Give on purpose. You may not feel like giving, but decide to give on purpose, for a purpose. - Exercise on purpose. You may definitely not feel like going for that walk, but go anyway...on purpose. - Journal on purpose. You may feel this is a waste of time...give it a go anyway, on purpose. - Be grateful on purpose. As shared in my last news letter...you all know the purpose of this one! - Rest, on purpose. You will be amazed when you discover the benefits of purposefully taking time out to rest and replenish your body, soul and spirit. - Say thank you, on purpose. Which brings me to saying Thank You to all those who clicked on the email link below and sent me an email after the last news letter. You made my day!

Thank YOU!!

So, till next time, Smiles, (on purpose)

xx Kathryn

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