The art of moving forwards

Thankfully we don't need to learn how to longboard in order to move forwards! ...even if it is in pink shoes....In fact, there is an art to moving forwards in life, and the steps I share today are easier to master than you think!

Meet Lisa. Lisa is a seasonal runner. (even if you don't run, you'll follow the story) Now Lisa runs one or two half marathons during her run season (winter) each year, and trains regularly for a few months of the year. Currently she is in her off season. Yesterday she decided to go for a "small" run anyway, as she knows it clears her mind, lifts her spirits and leaves her feeling energised. After about 3km of slow jogging, she feels puffed and needs to walk a bit. She slows to a walk for a few minutes and then starts jogging again. And this is how the rest of her run goes....walk-jog-walk-jog. She reaches home again at 7km and dives into the pool for a refreshing cool-down.... Now as a runner, this does not seem like a fruitful run or a "moving forwards" regarding exercise at all. She can dive into the pool and tell herself that that run didn't count because she went so slow and walked half of it....or she can tell herself that she in fact did achieve what she had set out to achieve....she had even covered 7km after all! So what did she achieve? She cleared her mind, it lifted her spirits and she will spend the rest of her day feeling energised. Yes, there is an art to moving forward with anything you set out to achieve.

Here are a few steps. 1. Know what you want to achieve. What are you specifically moving forwards towards? (There is a big difference between running to race or running to relax) 2. Know why you want to move forward in this specific direction. (this run was for clarity of mind, joy, peace, energy) 3. Take the first step. When can often know what we want and why, yet we are not sure of the how. We don't want to take the fist step in case it is wrong... I encourage you to take the step anyway. Once you are moving, you can always change direction. When you are not moving you are just stagnant. 4. Don't wait for perfect timing. Lisa could have come up with 101 excuses not to go for her run-walk. e.g. it is too hot and humid out there.... Most often it won't feel like the 'perfect time'...start anyway. 5. It is okay to walk!!!! You don't always need to run! I started a program called the 60day author. It encourages you to from nothing to published in 60 days. My exciting news is that I am publishing this month...but it is about 180 days later rather than 60! Does this matter??? NO!!! In all honesty I am still totally surprised that I am able to write a book and get set up for publishing in such a relatively short time anyway! So, if moving forward for you means losing weight and your program says "how to shake off 10kg in 3 months"...even if it takes 6 months, it is still moving forward! If it means signing up to study a course you've longed to study..then sign up! There is no better time than now. If it takes 12 weeks rather than 4 weeks....thats okay. In 12 weeks time you have moved forward! So friends, it's time. Put on those pink shoes, know what you want and why, then make that first move. You will be so glad you did! Ready to get moving? Still not sure What, Why, When, Where to how? Give me a call on 0488713257 to book your free 1 hour discovery coaching session to get you started.

xx Kathryn

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