5 simple steps to set yourself up for a great day.

You know those days when the alarm goes off and every fibre of your being is telling you to roll over and go back to sleep? You surface a bit more from your deep slumber and something pokes and prods at your brain to wake you further. Now you are awake and you ponder your day and it dawns on you like a heavy thud. Nothing enthrals, nothing invites, and getting up just feels so hard!

There is another way! I assure you! And it’s easier than you think!

Here are my five steps:

Oh, and the trick is...it all starts the night before.

1. Ponder your day to come and set your alarm for the time that suits YOUR day, not what your trusted new phone app tells you. You're either an early bird or you're not. YOU know what works best for you, so set the time you know is perfect and then stick to it! Now count back at least seven or eight hours from your wake up time and make this the time you go to bed.

2. Decide what exercise you are going to do tomorrow and block off the time for it. It’s just as important to schedule time for something YOU enjoy as it is to schedule business meetings and dentist appointments. Exercise doesn't have to be early morning or never - you know what works for YOU. It could be walking your pup, reformer Pilates, a spin class or a stroll on the beach. Just make sure you don't try to keep up with Jane Doe and think that only what she says counts!

3. Decide tonight what you are having for breakfast and make sure there is time for this in your morning routine. Everyone craves a healthier version of themselves but don’t let that take the joy out of your first meal of the day. So make sure it’s something healthy and most importantly, yummy! Finding something yummy also means that you’re more likely to stick with the healthy routine of eating breakfast every day. If you really can't decide, then you can't go wrong with poached egg on toast and that trusted cuppa. That’s my favourite way to start the day!

4. Choose an outfit that you know YOU feel good in. Start from the inside out… and ditch those daggy undies! Choose an outfit that suits your character, your body shape, your style and your mood. This outfit and others like it are a bit like your signature style. These are the outfits that get you complements without failure each time. They are comfortable, you feel great in them, and they don't have to be something that would appear in the latest Vogue! Find the outfits that you feel best in and wear them as often as you can!

5. Last but not least, have at least three of your own (picked by you) awesome playlists ready on your phone. One that's bouncy and noisy, one that's gentle and serene and one that boosts, encourages and inspires. You’ll know which one is right at the right time! (I’ll come clean here and say that I choose podcasts too sometimes!)

Get your day started right and before you know you'll be feeling on top of your game, you'll be the best version of YOU and you'll be ready to rock your world! Then one day the unthinkable happens. That dreaded alarm goes off and you’ll actually roll over with a little less effort, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even be able to wake with a smile! I’ve made some suggestions for a number of ways you can get your day off to the best start, but most importantly, YOU get to tailor each step to work for YOU. What’s the moral of the story? Know who you are, be yourself and don't try to be anyone else!

If this blog connected with you, and you think you’d like to delve a little deeper into the importance of knowing who you are and leading your life in a way that’s true to yourself, you may wish to read my new book, Hiding in the Shade. I have the pleasure of gifting this to you free for a few days to thank you for your encouragement and love.

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So, go ahead and have a great day!!!!, xx Kathryn

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