5 steps to pursue your passion with purpose.

Do you sometimes feel like you will need to scale an almost impossible cliff to get to where you really desire to be? Don't fear! You are not alone! It has been said before that doing something of substantial value and purpose will require a sacrifice of sorts.

I recently scaled one of my own cliff faces while going through the process of publishing my book, 'Hiding in the Shade'.

I was recently asked to share this experience with a group of entrepreneurs and to give them some take away steps to action in pursuing their passion with purpose.

So what do I mean by 'passion'?

This can be any form of desire or goal that you have for your life whether for the benefit of yourself, your family, your business or your community.

I shared two stories:

- The first was how I had spent twenty years desiring to run a full marathon before I turned 40. I managed to scale this cliff and to cross the finish line feeling both utterly exhausted and totally exhilarated.

- The second was how I felt purposed to write and publish a book to Amazon within 6 short months! This also left me feeling somewhat exhausted and totally exhilarated.

I am grateful to have purposefully pursued both these passions! Both journeys taught me a great deal about myself and others. I managed to be purposeful about making these dreams come true by listening to the voice of passion inside my heart, by understanding my God given purpose and by tapping into the potential that I have when I lay aside my own agenda (and the noise in my head that tells me 'I can't") to partner with what God has planned for me.

Here are 5 steps to action while pursuing your passion with purpose:

1. Acknowledge that this is a journey. Your journey often starts with great excitement as you discover your hearts desire and passion. Your excitement however will soon plummet when the reality of the task ahead sets in. If this is truly your hearts passion and your souls purpose, you will dig deep and discover the potential you carry to pursue this journey. Deep down you know you do have what it takes! You will spend some time in a wilderness of sorts... there will be ups and there will be downs. When you know this, you will be able to courageously keep going even when things get tough!

2. Surround yourself with people that encourage you on your journey. These are the people who delight in your success and understand that by stepping into your divine purpose, you will bring your greatest gift to those around you.

3. Encourage those around you who are on their own unique and passionate journeys. Especially when you are going through a tough time, take your eyes off your own struggles to encourage someone else... without even noticing, you will be elevated by your own encouragement and will be uplifted along with your friend!

4. Put a purposeful mark in your calendar to set the date that you plan to achieve your big passionate goal... and then tell EVERYONE about your plan. This will increase your level of accountability to achieve your hearts desire on the date specified. You will not want to let others or yourself down. Others will be expecting your great gift to be delivered on it's due date!

5. Remember why you passionately want to pursue this desire. Be clear about the intention behind your action to achieve this dream. What will it give you to achieve this? What will it cost you to not achieve this...Knowing that I am doing all that I can to pursue my unique purpose with all the passion and divine help that I have, gives me the gift of living this life fulfilled!

If you are not certain about your passion or feel like you've 'camped out in the wilderness' for too long, then click here to find out how coaching can help you to discover your passion and purpose, and to live the life you've been designed for.

Till next time,


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