One simple habit that will change your life. Your magic hour.

We hear a lot about how to manage our time better, to be more productive, to vision map, to plan and schedule, to include exercise and healthy meal plans into each day, and the list goes on. Quite simply, we hear a lot about how to become more efficient at getting more done.

Since embarking on this bumpy journey called entrepreneurship, it felt to me like that dial was turned up yet another notch. Learning to navigate through the treacherous seas of all things networking, marketing, branding and social media kept me on the edge and running for many days and many nights too.

Let me rewind about 12 months. I'm a mum, a wife, a new business owner and THE home manager in our house... and I'm a Life Coach too... I am all into balanced living, so what am I NOT getting here? I help to coach others each day to master their own lives, yet all the while letting my own feel like it is spinning. I have a coach too. Thank God. So I bring my "spinning" issue to the table. A few great questions later, my coach sees what I am not seeing. She reminds me about this thing called "REST". This thing that so many of us ignore. I mean, who has time for that!

mmm REST.... how? What does that look like? After all, I get at least 7 hours of good sleep most nights! Shouldn't that be enough?

About a week later, I am on the phone to a good friend from Sydney and she tells me about this amazing podcast that I REALLY need to listen to. It's called "The Practice of Rest". No way!!! She has no idea about the session I've recently had with my coach! And I have not shared any of my "spinning tales" with her either. (Don't you love when stuff like this happens?). She sent me the link and I listened. More specifically, I actioned this advice and started to book out an hour a day of rest in my diary. This hour became my magic hour and it has changed my world!

So, what is this magic hour of rest exactly?

YOU CHOOSE!! Yes, that's right. You decide if its early in the morning, over lunch, or in the evening. I sometimes even make it two sessions of 30 minutes each, because I know how much I benefit from this!

My only rules are this: No computer. No phone. No people. ....and definitely a good cuppa tea.

Some days I journal, some days I read. Some days I dream, some I pray. Some days there is a candle, and some days there is music. This is when I slow down and listen to me.

What are my thoughts? What is making me happy right now? What is bugging me?

Who do I need to connect with? What is going well. What do I choose to change?

...I'll come clean and say that somedays I take a nap and don't think at all!

The point is, since I started this, my whole being has more peace. I am more aware of who I am, why I am here, and what I am doing to live my best life. My stress levels are much lower and my joy is much higher. I have WAY more tolerance for my teenage sons and I laugh way more. I call this a win!

I highly recommend you give this a go. Carve an hour of magic for yourself into each day. You will absolutely love yourself for it! If you think this is not possible, then it's time to get creative. Where there's a will, there's a way!

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Once you understand why you do the things you do, you'll discover how easy it actually is to action this!

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Kathryn xx

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