Reduce everyday stress by deleting these three habits

Life is busy. Every day! You go, go, go... there is always something to do, and when you do find yourself with a rare little gem of free time, it seems to somehow get gobbled up with more stuff to do! I know! We all fight this battle of not having enough time for all that needs to get done! So, thank you for giving one of your precious gems of time to stop by to read this blog post. (You'll be glad you did once you action this and delete these three habits from your week!). A few weeks ago I became consciously aware that the last thing I was doing before going to bed at night was checking my phone. This bugged me. I didn't like that I was doing this. And then I became aware that first thing in the morning I'd be doing the same thing! There always seemed to be messages or emails or social media posts to respond to. I noticed too that these pockets of time, checking my screen and responding to "THE WORLD" would gobble up minutes like no tomorrow! What felt like only 10 minutes would very soon become half an hour! The other thing I noticed was this. Whenever I sit down at my desk to work, the first thing I automatically do after turning on my computer is to check my emails. There is usually something that requires responding to, so I'd scan through the list, delete some, read most and then respond if required. Again, another 30 to 45 minutes gone! And then more often than not, I'd carry on with my days work, all the while processing someones email or social media post in the back of my mind. Sound familiar? Well, about three weeks ago I decided to stop these three habits and I am blown away by the difference in my day! I have less brain clutter. I feel less stressed by the "seemingly pressing needs" coming from my digital world and I simply have more gems of time to unplug and enjoy my day. I know these habits are not unique to me. So, have a go, press delete... and let me know how you go! 1. Delete checking your phone first thing in the morning. Choose to purposefully not look at your phone until you've lived your day a bit. Especially social media. It does take a bit of discipline initially (okay, maybe a lot) but once you've made the change you won't look back! The thing is, more often than we care to realise, social media can leave us feeling a bit down. We're reminded of "all we've missed out on" or "the fun fabulous lives everyone else seems to have"...these vague negative thoughts linger in the back of your mind and subtly effect the work you try to do all morning. Wondering what to do instead? Here are a few suggestions. You decide what works best for you. Spend some time outdoors. Take a walk or a jog. Spend a few minutes actually sitting down to enjoy your morning cuppa and breakfast. Connect with another live human....face to face! Meditate, pray, reflect, journal, plan your day. When I look at my phone in the early morning now, it gives me great pleasure to know that I have control over it. It does not control me any longer! 2. Delete checking emails as soon as you boot up your computer. (Unless your job ABSOLUTLEY requires this). Our brain works like a muscle. It is rested, fresh and ready for the best part of you first thing as you sit down to work. So, why give the best of your brain power to responding to non-urgent emails? Rather give your best hours to your most important task of the day. You'll be way more productive when you protect this time and will enjoy the rest of your day knowing you've got some important stuff done! You'll be amazed at how this boosts your productivity too! Now I'd like you to think about the time in your day when you're usually less productive. This is the time to kick off your shoes and check those emails. Unless it's something absolutely urgent, no one will even notice your slightly delayed response. 3. Delete checking your phone before bedtime. We've all read about how screen time stimulates your brain and effects sleep patterns, yet so many of us (this was a BIG one for me) ignore this and go to bed phone in hand. We scroll social media, once again trying to ignore the subtle negative feelings about how active someone else's business feed is. You try to ignore the nagging feeling that you are not posting regularly enough or consistently enough to your business decide you need a better strategy and so when you do finally turn your light out and roll over to sleep, your mind is racing ahead about all you could or should be doing!!!! You silently decide that tomorrow you'll try to do better... Sound familiar or is it just me? Three weeks ago I purposely decided to STOP ALL three habits!!! Yes it certainly does take discipline and I confess, it's not always easy but I am LOVING the change. My mornings are way less cluttered with head stuff and I'm loving giving my focus to my new fresh morning routine. My earlier work hours of the day are noticeably more productive. (This came as quite a surprise) and I genuinely feel less overloaded with "stuff I need to do". I look forward to a good book or time with my hubby at bedtime, and I actually do turn that bedside light out at a decent hour. I more regularly do get to have a great nights sleep and wake up to a calmer morning! I can honestly say that by deleting these three habits, I have much less stress and more time for the things that are really important in my day. If these three things have sneakily become habits in your life, then give it a go,

PRESS DELETE! I'd love to hear how it changes your world. Stressed? Discouraged? Feel like your mind is full of clutter and you'd like to simplify your life, then click here to find out how coaching can help you to destress, find a sense of direction and live the life you've been designed for.

Till next time, Smiles, xx Kathryn

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