What to do when you're having one of "those" days

You know 'those' days...

when you wake up

and just feel flat. We all have them...

so I know you know

what I mean.


You meet your friend for your morning run and it feels like you have lead in your shoes. You look at the items on your to-do list for today and nothing on it inspires you this day.

You have a work document or letter to write... usually this is easy for you, yet today you stare at your screen and the words you write just don't seem to cut it.

... you get which kinda days I'm talking about... What do you do on these days???

Do you write the day off, staying flat all day, trying to do what you feel you should, yet frustrating yourself more as you go... Or... do you do this? You recognise that this is one of 'those'. You know that trying harder to just soldier through the usual is going to end up with your short fuse taken out on your husband or one of your kids... So instead you choose to change tack....

You take a shower and think of a song to sing while washing your 'flat mood' away. You choose your favourite matching lingerie you bought at that fun Intimo party you went to last month... and smile as you remember the hilarious time you had. Then you find that knock out dress you usually save for 'date night'...and find some comfy shoes to match. Spritz on your favourite perfume and already things seem a bit brighter. If it has to be a day in the office, you schedule in a coffee at your favourite little coffee shop, or decide to scout out a new one... or call a friend to meet over lunch. If you work from home, you pack up your laptop and head out the door to find a change of scenery, any office of your choice for the morning... You get the idea...

The thing is, there is a great truth in this saying: "What you focus on is what you get."

So if I focus on the fact that I'm having one of 'THOSE' days... my day will only continue to go one way. Yet, if I shift my focus, choose something I know picks me up, gives me a smile and adds a touch of sparkle to my day, I can focus on that and who knows...this afternoon when I sit down to write that letter, the words just flow and once again I find I have access to my best me... Yes, it's simple, but no, it's not always easy. Only remember... the choice is yours to make. So choose wisely!

Till next time, Smiles, xx Kathryn P.S. Do you notice you are having too many of 'those days'? Or maybe you find it really difficult to switch gears and find your sparkle. If so, then click here to find out how coaching can help you to love the life you live.

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