Can I borrow your glasses please?

It fascinates me that you see what you see, and I see what I see….Why do I see what I see and you see what you see?

Five of us looking at the same thing will most likely all see something different…

It's amazing we "get" each other at all!!

Studies done to figure this out have shown that it all has to do with the meaning that we give to things. The meaning we give to significant events in our life become like the lenses in our glasses. This is hugely encouraging because I can choose to change what I see by changing the meaning I give to a circumstance…

In other words, I can choose a new pair of glasses… maybe I can borrow yours?

It works like this:

When you’re aware that something is overwhelming or stressing you, it is possible to change your glasses. (It’s called “the reframe”). By changing glasses, you are changing how you see things. Here are a few examples:

- If I borrow YOUR glasses: I see the world through YOUR eyes… I see as you see…

- I can choose bright colourful frames, rather than boring ones: I choose to see the bright side of things...

- Or I choose a brand new pair of glasses: I see things in a totally new and fresh way.

I know you get the idea.

Let me share a story of how this happened for me only yesterday.

I had been looking forward to attending “The Power of Instagram” workshop for a while now. A friend of mine was hosting this and I was really excited. I wanted to learn about this from a mentor that I value and admire. She ticked all my boxes. She is innovative, creative, energised and inspiring. She has grown a fabulous following of her own Instagram account and does this in a genuine, creative, fun and loving manner. I have these same values and absolutely love how she does this through being real and being herself. I am self taught on Instagram and am not sure what I'm actually doing in this space (yet…). So I need this!

The session starts well. After greeting friends old and new, we all light up our phones and find our own Instagram accounts. We listen intently to all instruction and follow it…. and then it starts to happen. Twenty minutes into the workshop I feel it… that same familiar downward spiral. I had started out enthused and excited, but then find myself once again face to face with this huge mountain to scale if I really want to do this well. It's than mountain called overwhelm... All the "Do this" and Do that" and...."for heavens sake don’t do that!!!"

Through my lenses I see that I have two choices here:

1. Become an instant creative genius: a skilled arts photographer and a quirky poet all rolled into one…


2. Pay big money (which I don’t have) to hire a magnificently creative social media marketing expert to manage this for me.

Neither option is available to me. How on earth am I going to accomplish my desired outcomes here? My excited balloon has popped. An all too familiar little voice in my head is screaming “This is crazy! Way too hard! Just keep a low key. Be happy to play small. Mediocre is an easier game!…. Walk away!”

Thankfully I am aware enough to realise what’s going on. It's the glasses I'm wearing. They are dark, heavy and are worn for safety. They are called “OVERWHELM”. I look around the room. Most are loving this. Chatting. Laughing. A few are looking somewhat perplexed…yet no one looks quite ready to sprint out the door yet (like me). So, I take a deep breath and look for “the reframe”. I need to change glasses quickly! Then I hear it…my friend cheerfully explains how our Instagram page is like our own personal online glossy magazine! Mmmmm… I wriggle in my seat. I sit up a bit taller. I think about this for a minute. My own online magazine!!!!

There it is! I grab the new glasses. These are light and shiny with rose gold frames. They're called “HAVE FUN. BE CREATIVE. BE ME”! ...My own personal online visual magazine. What a blast!!! A space where my only agenda is to have fun and be me. This is where I get to play, to sparkle, to have fun, to inspire and to encourage. This is a space where I get to really enjoy all I have about being me, and if you “get me” and like me, then you get to choose me and I get to connect with you. This is brilliant!!! Because, if you don’t “get me” or if rose gold is not your thing, that’s perfectly fine too… there are plenty others out there who love rose gold!

Yes, there is loads to learn. Yes I can absolutely “get better” at it, but I don’t need to wear the heavy glasses of “OVERWHELM - MUST CONQUER - NEED TO DO OR DIE". I can choose to swap those for the rose coloured ones. Ones that see “LOVE TO SHARE - LOVE TO SHINE - LOVE TO HAVE FUN”.

Now that is better. That I can do. That I want to do. That excites and uplifts me…. I’m loving these bright new frames!… You should try them sometime!!

How about you? How do you see? Do you need new glasses for certain situations?

If this resonates, then coaching is for you! Click here to connect....It's free. Connecting is possible face to face, over phone or via Skype. I look forward to chatting to you soon :)

xx Smiles


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