4 Steps to unstick yourself to start living the life you love

You have been created to dream,

to have desires and passions.

You’ve been created for purpose.

There is a deep desire within each and every one of us to make a difference and to somehow impact our world for good. It’s how God created us!

If this is true, then why oh why do our dreams seem so far out of reach? Many of the clients I work with find life to be somewhat of a daily grind. There seems to be a common thread of feeling stuck and frustrated with the long lists of "should do's" or "have to do's". We feel like life has taken us over and we have no control over how our days unfold. We are in survival mode. We do what needs to be done to make it to the end of the day so that tomorrow we can start all over again! We stick with jobs that don't really inspire us. House work is a bore. ...And nobody told us that this parenting thing would be so darn hard!!!

"How did I end up here?" you ask. "Where is my joy?" ...you noticed you've lost it somehow.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I have great news! Even though you feel stuck in the thick of all your "must do" roles, there is another way...This other way brings the sparkle back to your life. It's the way to find your "happy self" again. It's what I call your life by design. It's the one that God planned for you to live. You know... the one we're told about that's filled with good stuff like prosperity and hope. After writing my book "Hiding in the Shade" I recognised that within this little fiction story are the backbones of a divinely inspired blueprint strategy for how to live the life that God actually designed us for.

Since following these steps myself I cannot believe the shift in me! Yes life still has it's challenges. Yes there's still stuff I do that I "must do". (there will always be that stuff...) But I have my joy back! I spend more time just "being" and then I go and do more of what I love. This excites me tremendously because I get to share this with you knowing that it will change your life too!

There are 4 main steps in this strategy....each of these have a further 4 steps within them (which actually makes 16 steps... but I doubt you'd have read this if I told you there were 16 steps!!!)

I'll briefly share the 4 main steps here.

Step 1: Awareness -

Become clearly aware of where you are now. Do you have joy? Are you living the life you want to live? Would you like some things to change? What is the cost of staying in the rut you find yourself currently in?

Step 2: Clarity -

Untangle yourself from the judgement of others AND yourself. Without judgment things become remarkably clear! If you change your position, could you view your purpose from a different perspective? What's your "tug-of -war" within yourself about? (the Yes I can vs No I can't!) The clarity you find here may really surprise you!

Step 3: Wisdom -

A big part of this step involves knowing who you are. It's about your true identity. Who do you think you are versus who does God say you are? Do you discern the voices that you are listening to? Who are you trying to please?

Step 4: Action-

"Action" often feels like such a dirty word! (Now is where most of you decide to stop reading...) BUT what action DO YOU take when faced with fear? What do you do when doubt creeps in? How do you decide to actually take action?

I figured you'd find it far more enjoyable and helpful to explore and apply these steps if presented in video format. So I've put together a 4 part mini webinar series for you called Live By Design. Yes, It's FREE!!

To access the series click here >>

This will take you to an INSTANT ACCESS page that asks for your email address again... this is to trigger delivery of these videos in short bite size pieces over a few days so you're not overwhelmed by it all at once :)

Are you're ready to enjoy your life more? Then you won't want to miss this!!

Here's what Lauren had to say after working through it:

"I loved it! This series was really helpful to me in this season of my life. Sometimes you just need to be asked the ‘right question’…..to open the next door. It helped me to order my thoughts and find clarity around who I actually am, which brings me greatest joy and satisfaction. I feel I can now start walking out my ‘life by design’."

To access this FREE Live By Design Webinar Series >> click here <<


xx Kathryn

P.S. If reading this brings to mind someone you know, it's probably a good idea to forward this to them too...!!

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