Need Motivation? Maybe you've been looking in the wrong place.

I really love my job! Each week I get to come alongside of and to champion beautiful, intelligent, big hearted people who are all after similar results.

We ask ourselves: "Is there more to life than this?"... We know the answer.

We want our life to have meaning. We want to contribute, to matter.

When we find our purpose, or the thing we contribute to that gives us a sense of 'This is the more!'...we realise the path to following through, taking consistent action and actually impacting our world is not always easy. So what keeps us motivated to keep on keeping on?

Our motivation, or lack thereof, often decides our outcome. Will you follow through with your "more" to impact your world or will you decide it's just too hard and give up? Well, in my previous blog post you may recall I wrote about "How to keep going with the important stuff when you really don't feel like it". (read about it here). A few of you wrote back in response (thank you!!!) and your comments got me curious about looking into the things that YOU have said motivate you best. I've seen it before, and I see it again here. Can you see what the number one motivator is? (hint: when we only look inwards our motivation seems to run dry...)

Here's what you had to say motivates you most:

  • When I REALLY love what I am doing - then motivation flows abundantly.

  • When I'm clear about what I really want. (like that new pair of shoes!!!'s easy for me to be motivated to go shopping for them!!!).

  • When I'm surrounded by like minded positive people - that's when I feel I CAN do the impossible!!

  • When I receive encouragement and support from people who really care - then I know I can and want to show myself that I can.

  • When I'm accountable to someone else... like a personal trainer - It helps when someone gives me clear instruction. Then I know that what I'm doing will actually work. I also don't want to let them down.

  • When I know that what I am doing will positively make a difference to someone else.

  • Being part of a team. Knowing I'm needed on the team and actually make a difference within the team. Making sure I'm missed if I'm not there.

  • Relationships and connection. (I'll be motivated to purchase a face cream from someone not only because I like the cream, but because of our relationship)

  • When I can measure my success - When I can see clear results...(give a number to it)

  • When I have clear goals set to achieve, and can tick them off - I love ticking off boxes!

So yes, knowing what you want, loving what you do and being able to clearly measure success all go a long way in keeping us motivated!

However, what really stands out from YOUR answers is this: Other people matter.

In 6 of your 10 responses, people matter!

When you're connected with people who lift you up, love and support you - you win.

When you are in relationship with people who want the best for you and you for them - you win. When you know you are making a difference for good in someone else life, big / small - you win.

When you know that what you are doing will positively impact your world - you win.

When it's more about others than it is about you - you win!!

When your motivation is rooted in love for another - you win.

I am reminded of a perfect example of this that I encountered years ago when I was still doctoring. At the time I was managing a diabetes centre. I would see many diabetic patients who each and every day would struggle to stay motivated to keep on the straight and narrow road of managing their own blood sugar levels. Their journey was often rather hair raising! During this season, I encountered a number of young ladies who with their diabetes had fallen pregnant. The difference in their motivation to control their sugar levels was astounding! Having another little person on board to consider made ALL the difference. When their motivation became driven by love for another, they won!

So, next time you lack motivation...look for the people around you who matter most.

Then ask yourself these great questions:

Who would miss out if I don't keep going?

Whose life/lives could I impact if I do keep going?

I hope this reminder motivates you as much as it has me!

If you find you're scraping the bottom of an empty barrel of motivation and need refreshing, then go ahead and click here to book yourself a coaching session. After all, we all need that person to come alongside of us, to champion and encourage us. It may be just what you've been looking for. I look forward to hearing from you!


xx Kathryn

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