Lighter, Taller, Brighter

How would you like to feel as though you’re walking LIGHTER, standing TALLER, smiling BRIGHTER?

Sound good to you? Well I think so too!

The truth is that many of us lug around a lot of heavy baggage every day. We cram it in, push it down, cover it up and keep going. As we keep on keeping on, this baggage continues to pile up and eventually weighs us down. We grow chronically tired and stressed, accepting that this is just how life is right now. Well, I’m here to encourage you to stop for a moment to unpack some of your baggage. To throw it away…

What am I talking about? What is this baggage we’re carrying? Well, it’s different for each of us, but looks something like this:

  • past offence

  • past hurt

  • past bitterness

  • past failures

  • past pain

  • past sin

The crazy thing is that we become so familiar with our baggage that we don’t even realise it’s there.

Imagine for a moment that you’re on a hike, lugging around a really heavy backpack. You come to a cool stream crossing and decide it’s time to take off your backpack and shoes. You find a smooth flat rock to sit on while soaking your feet in the cool water. As you start to relax, you realise how hungry you are. You reach over for your backpack and to your surprise, instead of finding food and supplies, you find that it’s filled with a pile of heavy rocks. Puzzled, you reach in and take one out. It’s kinda smooth with interesting markings, but solid and heavy. You know you don’t need it, so you toss it into the stream.


You watch it quickly sink until it hits the sand below, erupting a cloud of murkiness. You do the same with the next one and the next, and the next. Finally you’re almost at the bottom of your pack. You reach in once more and thankfully pull out a lunch box filled with sandwiches and apples. You also find the water bottle you’ve been looking for. You settle back to rest and eat, enjoying the peaceful surroundings and the cool water cascading over your feet. You gaze down at the newly formed pile of rocks on the stream bed below. These rocks puzzle you. ...mmm. Where did they come from? Why have you been carrying them?  Who put them there? You can’t quite work it out. Eventually you give up trying and decide it’s time to continue your hike if you want to reach your destination before dark. You feed your arms back through your backpack straps… and oh wow! How much lighter it feels! Standing taller and smiling brighter, you continue along the path ahead….  

You guessed it. These rocks represent past offence, past hurt, past bitterness, past failures and past pain. If only getting rid of them was as easy was throwing rocks into water! So, how do we do this in real life? How do we unpack this baggage and clear it out? The answer is simple.


We have been given this gift called grace, this fabulous gift called forgiveness. 

Being able to forgive is literally like taking rocks out of your backpack and throwing them over a cliff or into a river. Forgiveness is all about letting go of your baggage. It’s about letting go of the offence, the hurt, the bitterness, and the pain. Forgiveness truly lets you stand taller, smile brighter and most definitely walk lighter!

Why am I telling you all this?

It's because interestingly one of the biggest pursuits I’ve noticed in my coaching practice to date is this: The pursuit of fulfilment and happiness (however that may look). We all want this. Yet one of the biggest hurdles I’ve noticed in my coaching practice that prevents us from finding this fulfilment and happiness is this: The unwillingness to forgive. 

I’m curious, so I begin to ask:  Why this wide spread resistance to forgiveness?  I dig deeper and over time this is what I’ve discovered: 

  • There is so much confusion around what forgiveness is and what it is not.

  • There is a vagueness around how to forgive and how to know you’ve actually forgiven.

  • There is no clear understanding of the benefits that practicing forgiveness gives to the person doing the forgiving.

So, let's clear the confusion surrounding this thing called forgiveness and let's discover how forgiveness is truly one of your BIGGEST keys to walking lighter, standing taller and smiling brighter.

The answers are all here inside my latest e-book: “Feel Lighter, Stand Taller, Smile Brighter”.

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