Overcoming exhaustion

How many times have you heard someone tell you how tired they are lately? Most of us have come to accept that a certain level of tired is just the 'way of life' these days!

And yes, for some of us, exhaustion has crept in to become the means by which we measure our own significance.

"It takes courage to say YES to REST and PLAY in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol." - Brene Brown.

I am sure that God did not have it in His plan for us to live exhausted from day to day! So, I've done a bit of research, and have pooled together the best from the likes of Christine Caine, Joyce Meyer and Alli Worthington to bring you three key steps to action to help you go from feeling constantly tired to actually feeling surprisingly energised. These steps may seem quite simple when you read them, but putting them into action can be quite a challenge!

Step 1: Set your calendar in alignment with your calling.

In order to do this, you need to know what your calling is. If you are not sure what it is then ask yourself these questions: What is important to me in this season? What are my priorities right now? What has God placed on my heart to do in this season? When I ask God to give me a picture of my week ahead, what do I see? Then ask yourself this: What would this week look like if I were to action these God inspired things? Now go ahead and put these things into your calendar first up as priorities. Now have a look at what else is filling your calendar up? Are these other things from God? Are they from people pleasing? Do they align with your calling? Are they necessary? Ask God to help you to set your calendar in alignment with what He is calling you to do.

Step 2: Practice simply saying "Thanks, but no thanks.

Say no to the things that don't line up with your priorities and your calling that you've set out in step 1. Sometimes simply saying no can be one of the hardest things to do... If you're really finding it hard to say no to something, ask yourself why. Ask God for His wisdom and peace. Ask God for the courage to say no if that's what you know is best. And when you do have the courage to say no, try laying down the urge to justify your answer so intensely out of your need for the other party to understand why you've said no. It is possible to say no in a kind and non-confronting way! Go on. Next time you know you want to say no, say it!

Step 3: Trust God to order your steps. Let His peace set your pace.

Be secure in who you are and whose you are. When your purpose is from God, then His peace will direct your pace. When you trust God to order your steps, you'll begin to live at his pace, in step with His plans and purposes. You don't have to keep up with anyone else!!! God will never instruct you to compare yourself with anyone else. You don't need approval from anyone else, only God. So, right now pray this:

"Dear God, please forgive all my rushing and my trying to find significance in being busy and pleasing the world. I trust you to order my steps. Help me to let Your peace set my pace. Show me how to do this today. Amen."

If you're finding any of these steps above to be a challenge that's keeping you stuck in "exhaustion", please don't leave feeling defeated and deflated! There is a way! Through my coach training with Neurocoaching Australia, and my own personal journey with God, I've learnt some amazing tools that DEFINITELY DO work to help you to live your life as God planned you to. I've journeyed through all these challenges myself, and am so grateful to say I've come a long long way! I know there is always more to learn, but I also know that my calling is to share all the practical knowledge and wisdom I've gained along the way with you. So, if you're ready to say YES to living your life they way God designed for you, and you'd like more specific help, then I'd love to work with you! Click this link here to take that next step to connect with me on your exciting journey to your most fulfilled life yet.



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