What really happens when you invite God onto your team.

I’m finally learning to invite God into my life on a regular basis.

Whenever I have a challenging situation these days, my immediate go-to is to take my challenge to God and to invite Him onto my team.

My intention is to invite Him to join “my team”.

I want Him on my team to help me overcome my challenges and achieve my goals. After all, if He is for me, who can be against me! I am the captain in “team-Kathryn” so it’s usually about me asking Him into my current circumstance and then instructing Him to do whatever He needs to do to make all things work out as I’d like Him to.

Instead, whenever I invite Him on to my team, something totally different happens:

He hears the invitation to join “my team” and ALWAYS accepts.

Now because my heavenly Dad is a gentleman, He doesn’t tell me I’ve got it all wrong. He simply shows up and before long I see that it’s not me who’s invited Him into my small world of limited insight and thinking so He can fix my problems. Rather, by accepting my invitation, He extends His hand to bring me and my situation into His big world of endless creativity, opportunity and solution. He says "Yes" to me, and then brings me and my circumstance into His team! (where He gets to be the captain!!)

When I'm on His unfathomably amazing team solutions are endless, creativity overflows and opportunities are vast. When I’m on His team, I notice my burdens are lighter, the light along my path shines more brightly and I can see my way forward more clearly. Doors are opened without needing to be forced and thank heavens others are quickly closed. All the forces I imagined were against me seem to fade along with my fears. He continuously moves in me to do the things that bring us both pleasure and joy, and before long, I find my soul restored and rested.

So, yes, I encourage you - next time you find yourself needing help and you remember to invite God onto your team - know this: Instead of Him joining your team, you’ll find yourself on His team and His team definitely always wins! So, give it a go and let me know how you go. I'd love to hear your victory story.

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