Who are you listening to?

This morning I received this text from a friend:

“Oh I wish I could have you on my shoulder all the time!”

This was in response to my earlier text:

“Hey, I love how you’ve set up your new Instagram profile :) Each small step counts!”

… a small simple encouragement sent after a conversation we’d had a few weeks prior about ALL we feel we need to know when setting up a business.

I smiled at her text because I most certainly could relate!

Don’t you also wish you had a little voice on your shoulder constantly encouraging you, uplifting you and reminding you of all you ARE doing? A voice to remind you that you ARE moving forward and that the you-living-your-big-dream will be a reality so long as you keep moving forward?

I know some days I wish I could hear this little voice.

The reality is that the little voice many of us ARE tuned into sounds more like this:

“Why are you taking so long to get this?”

“Why can’t you be consistent with that?”

“There is SOOO much to do today, it’s hopeless! Where do I even start!?!”

“I told you you were in over your head and that you’re not smart enough to do this”…

Well dear friend, today I remind both myself and you that we do indeed have another constant voice also whispering in our ear. This voice speaks the absolute truth, even though we struggle to believe it. This voice builds us up and doesn't tear us down. This voice sounds something like this:

“You are mine. I love you.”

“I have fantastic plans for you. Come, walk with me - together we are going to walk in the fulfilment of all that is good, joyful, blessed and purposed for you.”

“You are MORE THAN enough. In fact, you are perfect in my eyes.”

“You DO have what it takes. You have EVERYTHING you need in Me - all you need to do is ask!”

You get the message… and I know you know who's voice this is.

Now I’m sure this is not new news to you. We’ve heard this before!

I know this. You know this.

So, why don’t we simply change the frequency of what we are listening to, to tune into the whispers from the Holy Spirit more???

Why do we keep tuning into the same ol ‘I’m-freaking-out-this-is-all-too-hard’ nonsense??

I may be wrong, but I think half the problem is this: HABIT.

We have a bad habit of tuning into our own inner critic and the noise of the world around us. Through years of practice and habit, this has become our default. Default is easy.

Learning a new habit takes will, focus and commitment. It feels like hard work!

…And if all we have to rely on is our own will power - then it is simply too hard, and we will soon turn back to our well formed, easy, 'no-hard-work' default habits.

So what’s the key? Is there a key?

Yes there is - the key is desire.

When we have a great desire for a thing, it no longer takes such hard work to get it. I mean, think about it… how much effort does it take to do the things you really desire? Does it take hard work to eat a delicious meal alongside a glass of Sav Blanc? Does it take hard work to watch a rom com or a good spy movie? Does it take hard work to go and buy those amazing shoes you’ve had your eye on for a few weeks?

What about house cleaning? Grocery shopping? Laundry? - any desire there?? I didn’t think so…

Even running 10km. If you have no desire what so ever to run 10km, then this will take HUUUGE effort and will power - and you’ll likely not get there. However, if this is a dream you have, a deep desire, then yes, it will still take planning, training and effort, but believe it or not, it will be much less of a drudge and will take much less effort simply because it’s what your heart desires! (and you absolutely will achieve it!)

So, back to hearing from the Holy Spirit… the key is to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I truly desire to hear His voice on my shoulder each day?

2. Why do I truly desire this?

3. What will it give me to hear this voice rather than my own?

I encourage you to spend a moment writing down your answers to these three questions.

If you figure having someone on your shoulder whispering loving, encouraging, unplifting and wise words to guide your comings and goings each day is something you DO truly desire, then simply decide to choose it!

Be aware of your desire for it. Then go after it!

Yes, you will need to plan and prioritise by taking daily action to make it happen…

But because it’s now a desire you’re acutely aware of, and one you’re joyfully choosing to focus on, it will no longer be a chore that requires hard work and tons of will power. Rather, all that’s left to do is to simply ask Him to help you to hear his wise voice! And then to listen for it because you desire to hear it. Believe me, when you choose to hear Him, I know you will!

Let me know how you go by clicking the reply button. I’d love to hear from you!

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Smiles, Kathryn